Terms and conditions

The editor’s choice will be final.
Times Media staff are not elible to enter.
All material submitted must be approved by the client.
The Times reserves the right to choose the page position for the published print ad.
The Times may choose to publish more than one ad at a time.
The Times may publish shortlisted material at a later date when more space is available.
All shortlisted ads will be hosted on this site for the duration of the campaign
For any queries please contact Soomeya Moosa on 011 280 3767 or moosas@timesmedia.co.za

It is solely the agency’s responsibility to enter the work using the entry voucher number supplied. Any courier and/or presentation costs are for the agency’s own account. No 3rd party submission will be accepted.

Loeries Entry: How To guide

  1. Entries will be sent to The Times directly for publication.
  2. If your press ad is selected to run in The Times as part of Times Creative Press ad challenge, once published, it will be eligible for entry in the Loeries, with a complimentary entry
  3. The Times will give each agency with an eligible entry a voucher number to use for their Loeries entry.
  4. The agency will then have to submit the entry to the Loeries as it will not be done on their behalf by The Times or any 3rd party.
  5. When the agency submits their entry into the Loeries, they will use the voucher and it will give them complimentary entry on submission.

If you have any queries at all please contact Soomeya Moosa on 011 280 3767 or moosas@timesmedia.co.za
Thank you and goodluck.